Firearms Training for Close Protection Officers

If you are familiar with the sight of the side standing companion who often is a typically tall and serious looking male in a black suit, then you will quickly be able to point out that the mysterious man is almost certainly a professionally hired close protection officer, in other words a CPO is called: “Bodyguard”.

What many do not know is that a bodyguard does Executive protection in Rio de Janeiro not necessarily have to be tall to be strong and protective. Neither does he have to wear a suit; instead he might easily be short in height and could be wearing casual clothes. He also does not have to always walk next to his client, a well-trained close protection officer could easily be walking many meters behind his protégé and still have everything under manageable control.

Many people do admire and envy the access that some of the bodyguards seem to enjoy, but little do they know. A typical bodyguard is committed to work many hours in a row while staying vigilant of his environment; he may be required to sit alone in front of a boring hotel room for many hours or he may have to run around to wherever location his client wants to go. The hired CPO is not asked to give an opinion about the atmosphere unless his client engages in a conversation with his guard or if the surrounding situation is developing into a potential danger zone.

Mood swings of certain VIP clients, wreck nerving behavior, little black book secret encounters; it has all been witnessed and experienced by the man in black.

Loyalty is expected from a privately hired bodyguard, this is what they are being paid for so they shall certainly not spill out small personal client secrets.

The international demand for a CPO is becoming more day by day.

For example in a city like Dubai, UAE, which is a place that is known to be very safe, the demand for private Dubai bodyguard hires have been rising. It has been reported that some rich folks who are living a certain lifestyle do often just book a bodyguard for non threatening tasks like going to the shopping mall or watching kids in the park. Some business man may book a bodyguard to go to meetings with them; clients often give certain wishes regarding the preferred look of the bodyguard. “He shall be very tall, handsome and strong and wear a black suit and act professionally” the opposite request could be: “Please send a normal guy, not too tall, dressed casual and he shall not be acting like a bodyguard”…

Even though these physical demands are not what make out a good bodyguard, a Security Agency can easily understand and accommodate to the clients wishes and send a suitable protector.

Most of the requests for bodyguard hires often come in with short notice, most likely just when the weekend is about to start and a client decides that he wants to go out to party. A bodyguard is then a welcome convenience as he guarantees a weekend with no trouble. The bodyguard is expected to keep an eye on the client and his guests, be there to avoid any fights that could arouse in the crowd and eventually safely drive the drunken client back to his home.

So as you have noticed in these little examples, the mysterious man in black is someone who works very hard, keeps secrets and would even risk his own safety to protect his client. He constantly taps into different roles and situations; he could easily compete with a Hollywood actor as can be a real life James Bond. He is indeed a living mystery that is very hard to crack.

Copyright by Leticia Nevermann

Leticia Nevermann is the author of this article. She is actively working as a CPO Security Consultant for a lifestyle agency who provides bodyguard services in Dubai and UAE.

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